Founded in 1924 the name Wildwood has been synonymous with quality food, drink, atmosphere and service to its customers. It was then called the Wildwood Inn and in 1954 ownership passed to the Seymour family who added new life to the Wildwood with an expansion of the menu and of the restaurant itself and soon the Wildwood Steakhouse was born.

The Wildwood was completely renovated breathing new life again into the restaurant with a new value-driven menu. Naturally the Wildwood’s hallmark sirloin steak is still on the menu but with many new additions to please even the most delicate palate.

Check out Our Menu or stop in today for a martini and oysters from the raw bar or sit in our new dining area and experience some of our new menu selections and our famous steak, fresh fish selections, specialty dishes and more.


I’ve been going to the Wildwood since I was a child with my grandparents and now my kids go with me. Great food and drinks, friendly staff and atmosphere for the whole family.